Public User Needs Workshop

Pia Waugh | 27 Nov 2015

The team invites you to attend a public user needs workshop on 16 December 2015 as part of a broader Forum.

The purpose of the workshop is to get your input as data users in the general public and industry to help us design the roadmap for in 2016.

We suggest you bring a laptop to use during the workshop and access to wifi will be available.

Note that a maximum of 20 people can attend the workshop - we intend to use Google Hangout on air to stream the public user needs session so people can participate and contribute remotely. If you want to participate remotely, please register with a remote user ticket.

We will also be running sessions for government data publishers at the same time to gather their user needs and provide some data publishing training and technical support. After the workshop finishes at 12:30 there will be a lunchtime networking session till 1:30 for government and non-government folk to meet and talk about data.

Please feel free to send on this invitation to anyone you think would be interested.

Wednesday 16 December 2015
Data61, Canberra Research Laboratory, Tower A, 7 London Cct Canberra
Tuesday 15 December