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The DataStart information nights kicked off on Tuesday 17 November at the Pollenizer Headquarters in Sydney.

We’ll be talking about how you can apply for the program, the types of ideas we’re looking for and sharing some of the resources available to applicants.

There is lots of government data currently available for use, including:

  • Over 7,100 discoverable datasets on

  • Over 2,900 datasets are viewable on the NationalMap.

  • The AREMI map – which provides access to renewable energy information, including electricity infrastructure, renewable energy, boundaries, topography and population.

All data from these sources is free and open – some available for download and some available as an API.

DataStart looks to test how these valuable data resources can be leveraged by the private sector to create commercial opportunities.

Datasets by Theme

Here are some of the datasets we think offer exciting opportunities (feel free to make your own suggestions in the comments below):

Please note that many of the above links are to the data services which need to be viewed using a geographical application. See links in the comments below to view the data on the NationalMap and AREMI map. 

Example Problems

We’ve come up with some potential challenges for DataStart applicants, have you got any to add?

Power: Using government supplied power generation, transition capability, logistics information and environmental conditions to provide data-driven investment opportunities for the renewable and traditional power generation companies.

Agriculture: Fusing Government environmental, water and land use data with farming industry price and stock data to provide data-driven decision support around stock management and horticultural investment to the agricultural industry.

Insurance: Using open water observation from space datasets, surface water information and then fusing that with high quality built environment data and geocoded address data to provide more detailed flood risk information to the insurance industry.

Communications: Fusing Broadband Quality and Mobile Black Spots data with terrain and population information to deliver services to business and the public on the quality and availability of communications when planning new business or moving house.

For more information on DataStart visit


Peter (not verified) 27 November 2015

Hi Naomi Perdomo,

Quite a few of links in the Datasets by Theme section do not work, returns with error
" No service: ( ows )"

Naomi Perdomo 30 November 2015

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your comment. The links provided above are to the data services which need to be viewed using a geographical application (cannot be viewed by just copying the link into a web browser).

To make things easier, I've included links so you can view the data on either the NationalMap or the AREMI map:

Monthly climatology of daily exposure – Direct normal exposure:
Electricity Infrastructure – All power stations:
Acquifer Boundary:
Acquifer Yield:
Water Table Salinity:
Rail Network:
Road Network:
Surface Geology:
Geothermal temperature at 5km depth:
Mine Areas:
Water Observation from Space:
Broadband Quality and Availability:
Mobile Black Spots Database and Funded Base Stations:

Hope this helps!


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