FAQs for the open G-NAF and Administrative Boundaries datasets now published


Isaac (not verified) 15 January 2016

Given I have individual property address data, how can it be merged with the G-NAF data and obtain the geo code for a particular address line?

Peter Lefel (not verified) 1 February 2016

Its now February 2016, where do I get the GNAF data set?

Sam (not verified) 8 February 2016

Hello there,

Do you have a release date? Thank you.

Stephen (not verified) 10 February 2016

Any information on how to obtain the GNAF dataset?

Clinton (not verified) 12 February 2016

It appears that the release date for the GNAF dataset will be the 22nd of February.

Ronald Wilson (not verified) 12 February 2016

Looking forward to this information. Any release date yet?

Rohan (not verified) 13 February 2016

Any word of an ETA on the GNAF data?

Phil (not verified) 22 February 2016

Well it's now the 22nd and still no sign of the GNAF data. 28th maybe?

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