Guest Post - Public Release of Treasury’s CAPITA model

Nick Newhouse | 14 Sep 2017

The below guest post was provided by the Treasury. Any questions about this post should be sent to

Treasury is releasing the CAPITA model to the public. CAPITA is a general-purpose model of Australia’s personal income tax and transfer system and is a key tool used by government to analyse the impact of policy reforms on households.  

We are providing CAPITA to the public to allow more people to contribute rigorous, evidence based policy analysis to the public policy debate in Australia. We encourage users of the model to share any suggested improvements to progress the development of the CAPITA model into the future.

The public release of CAPITA will provide the code to the public. Users of the model will require access to the Australian Bureau of Statistics data underpinning the model and will have to comply with the CAPITA user licence agreement which can be found at the above links.

A paper describing CAPITA and providing some example output is also available on the Treasury Research Institute website. The model can be downloaded at the following link: