Linked Employee-Employer Data

The Australia Bureau of Statistics (ABS) is undergoing a major organisational transformation to capitalise on the opportunities of a dynamic information environment. One of its strategic priorities is to maximise the value of administrative data through integration and improved access.

This work includes the exploration of the creation of a Linked Employer-Employee Database (LEED).

A future LEED would:

  • Integrate person and business administrative data sourced from the ATO.
  • Be linked longitudinally, as well as provide point in time data.
  • Build on the Expanded Analytical Business Longitudinal Database, which integrates business tax and survey data.

The first step is a series of Foundation Projects being undertaken to demonstrate the value of LEED and assess the feasibility of integrating personal and business tax data.

On 11 December 2015, the ABS released an Information Paper: Construction of Experimental Statistics on Employee Earnings and Jobs from Administrative Data, Australia 2011-12.

The paper provides the background to the LEED Foundation Projects and outlines the approach taken to construct linked employer-employee data and experimental statistics on employee earnings and jobs.

The paper contains information on the data sources and integration methodology, a summary of results, and future directions for the LEED in the ABS.

The public is invited to provide feedback on the LEED Foundation Projects by contacting the ABS Labour and Income Branch on (02) 6252 7206 or via labour.statistics [at] Alternatively, feel free to leave a comment below about this exciting new initiative.  

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