Updating data.gov.au to CKAN 2.5 and Publishing Freeze

Allan Barger | 09 Aug 2016

As part of our regular maintenance schedule we are updating the underlying software for data.gov.au to the latest version of CKAN.

This new version brings functional improvements to the site, increasing overall stability and adding more dependable functionality to core services like the DataStore. At this stage we are not making any aesthetic changes to the site, or underlying APIS and it will continue to have the same look and feel.

To help ensure the update is carried out with the least possible disruption we are closing the site for publishers from 5PM Thursday, 11 August to Monday, 15 August. This means no new datasets or resources can be uploaded to the site. All other user functions will continue to be accessible over the update period.

Full patch notes can be found on the CKAN website