They came, they coded ... now they sleep

They came with names like ‘Save Lives, Not Spreadsheets’, ‘A Nice Well Behaved Cheese’ and ‘I Adopted a Puppy Today But I’m Still Here Hacking’: teams with multiple skills from programming to design to video making. Some even tweeted their pets dressed in 'merch'. 

WofG Web Reporting Service - Crawl Data

The Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) works to deliver better, faster, simpler digital services. As part of our charter, we’ve undertaken work to examine the adoption of DTA’s guidance, products and services by agencies on publicly-facing Australian Government websites.

Improving data quality on

One of the greatest challenges facing data users when trying to use government data has been the extraordinary diversity in data types, formats, quality, currency and other attributes of the data. Public User Needs Workshop

The team invites you to attend a public user needs workshop on 16 December 2015 as part of a broader Forum.