Alex gets a GovHack gong

From GovHack’s humble beginnings to a nation-wide annual event, few have been as closely connected as the DTA’s Alex Sadleir.  

They came, they coded ... now they sleep

They came with names like ‘Save Lives, Not Spreadsheets’, ‘A Nice Well Behaved Cheese’ and ‘I Adopted a Puppy Today But I’m Still Here Hacking’: teams with multiple skills from programming to design to video making. Some even tweeted their pets dressed in 'merch'. 

WofG Web Reporting Service - Crawl Data

The Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) works to deliver better, faster, simpler digital services. As part of our charter, we’ve undertaken work to examine the adoption of DTA’s guidance, products and services by agencies on publicly-facing Australian Government websites.

First Open Data Meet-up: report

A montage of presenters and attendees at the meet-up, chatting afterwards, presenting and watching.

Our first open data meet-up was a chance for some 300 people to hear what others were doing and what was on their data-filled minds.

IP data – now intuitive, visually

IP Australia has a wealth of intellectual property data. But with more than 40 interconnected data sets, it is enough to make the most data-savvy users shake in their slippers.